Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)
Website: http://www.pcaarrd.dost.gov.ph

  • Thesis/Dissertation Grant Assistance Program PCAARRD Citizen's Charter
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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)
Website: http://www.pchrd.dost.gov.ph

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Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD)
Website: http://www.pcieerd.dost.gov.ph

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  • Thesis and Dissertation Grants PCIEERD Citizen's Charter
  • Postgraduate Research Fellowship PCIEERD Citizen's Charter
  • Human Resource Development
    • Accelerated S&T Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP) / Engineering Research and Development for Technology Program (ERDT) Graduate Scholarship PCIEERD Website


Philippine Science High School (PSHS) System
Website: http://oed.pshs.edu.ph

  • Application for the PSHS System National Competitive Examination (NCE) Website Citizen's Charter
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Science Education Institute (SEI)
Website: http://www.sei.dost.gov.ph

  • Processing of DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Application Website Citizen's Charter
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  • Processing of Graduate Scholarship Application Website Citizen's Charter
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  • Securing DOST-SEI Clearance/Certification Website Citizen's Charter

  • S&T Human Resource Development through Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Website
    • R.A. 7687 Undergraduate S&T Scholarship
    • DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship
    • Government Initiatives on Fellowships for the Talented in the Sciences for the Disadvantaged (GIFTS)
    • Accelerated S&T Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP)
    • Science Education Consortium Component of the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program
    • Engineering Research and Development for Technology Program (ERDT)
    • Science and Mathematics Teaching Scholarship
    • Junior Level Science Scholarship-Merit
    • Ladderized Program
    • Bridging Education in Science and Technology for Indigenous Peoples
    • Bridging Program
    • Project Grant for Educational Assistance on Technology and Science Teaching Courses in Mindanao (GREAT-M)


National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP)
Website: http://www.nrcp.dost.gov.ph

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    • NRCP Grants-In-Aid Thesis / Dissertation Citizen's Charter
      • MS Thesis / PhD Dissertation Grant Website