Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Assistant Secretary Raymund E. Liboro was named Tanyag na Ulirang Ama 2014, last June 15, 2014 at the Manila Hotel.

Organized annually by National Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Foundation Inc., this recognition is given to fathers who have significant achievements in their respective fields of endeavor while successfully fulfilling their role as head of the family.

Asst. Sec. Liboro has been with the DOST since 2010. He is the Officer-in-Charge of the Science and Technology Information Institute and Technology Resource Center, two of the service institutes within the DOST organization. He also serves as DOST’s point person in a number of important inter-agency committees and assignments.

Liboro is also recognized as among the prime movers of the NOAH Program, one of DOST’s flagship projects which aims for disaster mitigation and preparedness especially in the face of climate change. Since its launching in July 2012, the NOAH Program or formerly Project NOAH, has been cited even by international organizations for portraying a more comprehensive weather picture of the Philippines and providing advance warning bulletins during typhoons and monsoon rains.

news-tanyag na ulirang ama 2014 liboro-06192014TANYAG NA ULIRANG AMA 2014. DOST Assistant Secretary Raymund E. Liboro with his wife Dra. Yasmin Jahala P. Daglugdug-Liboro and children Juan Xanti, Sofia Ysabelle, and Zoie Clarisse, during the ceremony for the Tanyag na Ulirang Ama Award last June 15, 2014 at the Manila Hotel. (S&T Media Service)

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