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The DOST - JSPS Joint Scientific Research Program is an inter-institutional cooperative arrangement initiated on 15 March 1979 through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Scientific Cooperation between the then National Science Development Board (now the Department of Science and Technology) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

This bilateral program aims to establish sustainable collaborative relations for the advancement of the mutual benefits of the Philippines and Japan under the principle of reciprocity. It also aims to promote scientific researches and exchanges thorough exchange of scientists, holding of scientific seminars, and conduct of dissertation and degree researches under the joint guidance of Filipino and Japanese advisers. The Program is designed to create high potential research nuclei in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The Program fosters and looks after the next generation of leading researchers in the country.

Application to the Joint Research Program


All Filipino researchers from universities and research institutions that plan to establish or that have already existing scientific collaborations with Japanese researchers by submitting research proposals for funding consideration. For Filipino researchers requiring DOST funding, the five priority areas include: Health and Health Products, Alternative Energy, Biotechnology, Food and Agriculture, Environment, and Information Communication Technology.

If requirements are complete, the processing of application may take a year.

Note: Only one project will be selected yearly and project requiring DOST funding must not be more than Japanese counterpart.


Step Proponent Activity of the Office-in-Charge Duration of Activity Office-in-charge
1 Submits DOST-GIA Forms 1B, 2B, 2B-1, 2B-2, LIB to DOST JSPS Secretariat Reviews the completeness of documents 3 working days DOST-JSPS Secretariat

If documents are complete, prioritize projects for review by Sectoral Councils.

If incomplete, informs the proponent.

 3 days per proposal DOST-JSPS Secretariat
    Exchanges list of submitted proposals to verify if the proposal was submitted by the counterpart proponents from each country


1 working day DOST and JSPS

Endorses the proposal (with the similar proposal submitted to JSPS by Japanese proponent) to the concerned Sectoral Council for review

1 working day  DOST-JSPS Secretariat
    Reviews and evaluates proposal 1 working day DOST Sectoral Council
    Determines which proposals to support/ selects proposal to be funded   DOST EXECOM
    Exchanges priority list


4 to 5 months DOST and JSPS
    Final selection of project 5 working days DOST and JSPS

 Informs proponent of selected proposal

5 working days after project selection DOST and JSPS
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