Through the Department of Science and Technology-Region IX’s Community Empowerment Thru Science & Technology (CEST) Project, the Buug Subanen Tribe in Zamboanga Peninsula have a good source of livelihood.

CEST established the Pangase Rice Wine and Coco Water Vinegar Processing Facility for the Buug Subanen Workers Association via funding worth P 679,152. Technology training and equipment were also provided.

Among these equipment are stainless steel tables, drums for vinegar fermentation, two large vats, pots, stainless steel casserole, burners, and 300 jars. This intervention was for vinegar processing alone.

For Pangase Rice Wine production, P475,500 was provided to upgrade the processing facility.

The results of the intervention are remarkable: Sales grew, posting P26,000 in gross sales per month. Also, a new production site is now under construction. Plus, the facility now employs 14 workers,

Every month, the workers produce one large Pangase Wine (4 gallons) at a selling price of P 2,000, 4 medium Pangase Wine (2 gallons) at P1,500 a bottle, 10 small Pangase Wine (1 gallon) at P1,000 apiece, 100 Spiced Vinegar (750 ml) at P60 and 100 Plain Vinegar (750 ml) at P20.

“The income goes to the Buug Subanen tribe workers,” said Jocelyn Chua, association president and owner of the house and lot where the facility is located. Accommodation for the workers, she said, is free. The facility also includes a training area.

Livelihood and economic enterprise development is just one component of CEST for their target communities in the region. The others are health and nutrition, education and literacy, and disaster risk reduction and mitigation.

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Buug Subanen Tribe members welcome guests at the Pangase Rice Wine and Coco Water Vinegar Processing Facility with indigenous music.

news-indigenous_tribe_Zambo_benefits_wine_vinegar_factory2-07102014Buug Subanen Tribe workers at the facility

news-indigenous tribe Zambo benefits wine vinegar factory2-07102014

Coco Water Vinegar

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