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Jacob Richard Anthony Lim, a student from the Philippine Science High School, poses beside his invention - the “Baba device,” a rice cooker attachment for pasteurizing human breastmilk which he developed and demonstrated during the recent National Science and Technology Week by the Department of Science and Technoloby at SMX Convention Center. Breastmilk is known as the most nutritious milk and the primary source of nutrition for newborns before they can eat and digest other foods. A lot of babies are deprived of breastmilk due to lack of milk by their mothers. However, they can still enjoy milk nutrition from donors but this has to be pasteurized to kill harmful microorganisms. The “Baba device” which Lim developed is inexpensive, costing around P1,000 as compared to the commercially available breastmilk pasteurizer which can cost as much as P73,000. The “Baba device” is now being tested at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

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Inset photo: The “Baba device” setup composed of the control setup and a wire attached to a rice cooker. (S&T Media Service)

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