A representative from Philippine Rice Institute (PhilRice) advised farmers to have a good start by selecting the right variety of rice and the right field for their seeds to produce more quality rice in a recent agriculture technology forum.

Said forum was held last July 25, 204 during the ongoing National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) by the Department of Science and Technology at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex.

In the Philippines, farmers’ lack of access to quality rice seeds, seed centers and accredited seed growers in their localities results to their poor production of quality rice and low rice yield.

In his talk about “Seed Purification and Seed Production of Quality Rice Seeds at Farmer’s Own Field,” PhilRice’s Ruben Miranda shared his ideas on what approaches should be considered by farmers before having seed purification and production in their own field.

These three approaches are rice variety selection, field selection, and field management.

Miranda explained that choosing the appropriate variety of rice can improve yield potential by analyzing the surroundings and determining whether a particular rice variety is resistant to drought, pests and diseases, has proper maturity and grain quality, and is appropriate to the ecosystem.

Next, the farmer should select the right field by determining whether the land has proper level, is free from floods and shades, has medium to high land with clay-loam soil, and is near ponds or canals to provide irrigation and drainage.

Field management is also important, said Miranda. “Proper levelling of the field solves more than 50% of the problems in rice production because you are ensuring good crop growth, elimination of weeds and golden apple snail, easier management of water, and uniform growth.”

NSTW opened last July 24 and will run until July 28, 2014. Admission is free. For more information, log on to (S&T Media Service)

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