Internet savvy kids of this generation will now have a more exciting way of learning their 1-2-3s and the birds and the bees. Thanks to a virtual classroom that features interactive lessons, learning the once-called mind-boggling math and science has suddenly become more fun and entertaining.

       This virtual classroom, called the Courseware Website, was launched by the Department of Science and Technology’s Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) and the Science Education Institute (SEI) on April 15, 2009 at the Philippine Science High School, Davao City. 

      The website ( ) features interactive and cartoonized science and mathematics modules released in 2006 in CD format and now are made available online.  Students, teachers, parents, and individuals looking for a fun way to teach and learn science and math can log on to the site and navigate through the resources for free.      

    The launching marked a significant progress in the country’s thrust to enhance the functional literacy of students in science and mathematics.  Director Denis Villorente during the launching recounted the milestones of the courseware project, underlining the significance of information technology in uplifting the student’s imagination, creativity and interest in education.  Ms. Delia C. Legaspino Director of the Philippine Science High School – Southern Mindanao Region welcomed the guests.   

      Elementary students who attended the science camp in Philippine Science High School-Davao had a hands-on experience on some of the modules. They navigated through the courseware web pages and answered exercises that followed the lessons. The online courseware gave excitement to academic lessons which they normally consider as boring. For teachers, multimedia and innovative technology has made teaching and learning science and mathematics an easier and fun task.

      DOST Secretary, Dr. Estrella Albastro expressed her support on the project and on the  continuing initiative of SEI and ASTI in integrating technology to classroom learning. ASTI and SEI are currently implementing a project that aims to develop 500 modules on science and mathematics for the secondary level. These are expected to be completed in 2012.

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