The Department of Science and Technology puts on public view its numerous and pioneering research and development efforts in biotechnology during the national Biotechnology Week that starts November 24. DOST and the Department of Agriculture are co-chair of the weeklong celebration with activities to be held mostly at the University of the Philippines Institute of Small Scale industries.

This year’s NBW adopts the theme, “Making Biotechnology work for you”, which underscores the promotion of safe and responsible use of biotechnology and its products for equitable health services, sustainable food resources, safe and sustainable environment, and biotechnology industry development.

Presidential Proclamation no. 1414 has declared the National Biotechnology Week as an annual celebration held every last week of November.

DOST’s Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development has lined up series of activities that aims to create and promote public awareness and understanding on biotechnology.

The activities include investors’ forum (Nov. 24), scientific forum on health, and on energy and environment (Nov. 25), scientific forum on agriculture and food industry, and educational forum on biotechnology (Nov. 26), training on DNA forensics for police officers (Nov. 27), and forum on the status and prospects of biotechnology in the Philippines (Nov. 28).

There will also be product exhibits, trade fair, and film shows during the weeklong celebration organized by different DOST agencies.

For details, parties may call the DOST National Biotechnology Week secretariat at (02) 837-7522 and 837-7516. Visit Biotech For Life website at [S&T Media Service]

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