The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) in its Annual Scientific Conference and 83rd General Membership Assembly held last 16 March 2016 at the Philippine International Convention Center conferred Outstanding Achiever Awards to three Filipino researchers/scientists, Outstanding Research Institutions to four academic institutions, Award of Distinctions to four Filipino researchers, and Honorable Recognition Awards to two NRCP Member Emeriti.

Outstanding Achiever Awards

DR. MARICAR S. PRUDENTE is recognized for her exemplary contributions to basic research perfectly evidenced by the volumes of researches she produced on Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry which were published in various internationally indexed scientific publications or ISI.

Dr. Prudente is also honored for her dedication to science and technology education as shown through the numerous programs and curricula she designed to enhance the professional growth of science teachers across the country.

Lastly, she is lauded for her stern commitment in promoting the S&T culture and for her contribution in the improvement of local S&T capabilities through proactive sharing of research outputs as a resource speaker in national and international forums.

Dr. Prudente is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Governmental, Educational, and International Policies. She is currently affiliated with the Lasallian Institute for Development and Educational Research, DLSU Manila.

DR. MARIAN P. ROQUE is much-admired for her significant researches and publications in the theory of ordinary and partial differential equations. Her creative ways of mentoring has produced numerous Filipino scholars – some are now in the academe, the others are mathematical practitioners.

Highly praised also are Dr. Roque’s contributions to mathematics education and its popularization that elevated the status of Philippine Mathematics some notches higher. This positively influenced the professional growth and development of Filipino math teachers and students.

Dr. Roque is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Mathematical Sciences. She is currently connected with the Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines Diliman. She also serves as member of the Executive Committee of the International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics.

DR. ERNESTO V. VALDEZ is lauded for his innovative researches on Philippine medicinal plants and other natural products which benefitted the Filipino people. One of these is the determination of the efficacy and safety of several therapeutic agents especially anthelmintics and amebicides which have been used to abate infectious diseases in the country.

Dr. Valdez is also honored for his unwavering commitment to teaching and inspiring generations of medical students, researchers, and young teachers in the health profession.

Dr. Valdez is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Medical Sciences and is Professor Emeritus, College of Medicine, University of the Philippines Manila.

DR. ALICIA P. CATABAY is recognized for her valuable contributions to research in the area of Separation Science.

Highly commended too was Dr. Catabay’s extensive studies on the pharmaceutical application of capillary electrochromatography and electrophoretic enantioseparation, using various forms of cyclodextrin as chiral selector.

Dr. Catabay is a Regular Member of the NRCP Pharmaceutical Sciences and currently with the College of Pharmacy, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute.

DR. ARVIN C. DIESMOS is honored for his unparalleled contributions to local wildlife biology, particularly on the systematics, ecology, biogeography and conservation biology of Philippine reptiles and amphibians alongside with his dedication to curating invaluable national wildlife heritage collections and serving as a model for biologists and wildlife scientists in the country.

To date, Dr. Deismos, with his peers, listed more than 50 discoveries and descriptions of species of frogs, snakes, lizards, and other wildlife including the rediscovery of rare, little-known, and endangered species of fauna. He and his research associates had published volumes of documentation of biological diversity across the country, including those threatened ecological communities, of which 130 articles were featured in various scientific reference materials, books, peer-reviewed and ISI journals.

Also lauded is Dr. Deismos’ staunch advocacy to educate and empower local communities, in most vulnerable areas in the country, in averting biodiversity collapse.

Dr. Deismos is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Biological Sciences and currently affiliated with the Herpetology Section, Zoology Division of the National Museum of the Philippines.

DR. NELLY S. AGGANGAN is much-admired for her outstanding accomplishments in mycorrhiza research and her involvement in the successful commercialization of “Mykovam,” a microbial fertilizer effective for the increased survival and growth of agricultural crops and forest trees.

Dr. Aggangan’s research works provided not only an alternative low-cost replacement for expensive chemical fertilizers but also abio-control agent against organisms harmful to plants.

Dr. Aggangan is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Agriculture and Forestry and currently associated with the National Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of the Philippines Los Baños.

DR. MELITO A. BACCAY is recognized his pioneering contributions in the development of electrochemical non-destructive test methods for evaluating the condition of concrete and steel reinforcement corrosion in structures.

Dr. Baccay initiated innovations in the field of concrete materials and durability studies in concrete structures exposed to carbonation and chloride attack.

Also praised is Dr. Baccay’s unwavering dedication to teaching, mentoring, and inspiring students, researchers, engineers, and young teachers in civil engineering.

Dr. Baccay is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Engineering and Industrial Research. He is affiliated with Technological University of the Philippines Manila.

DR. JORGE V. TIGNO is honored for his pioneering and continuous contribution in research on international migration of Filipinos which were published both in local and international journals.

Dr. Tigno is also lauded for being a conscientious and active professor who helps others develop their studies in the field Social Sciences.

Lastly, Dr. Tigno is much-appreciated for serving and helping strengthen professional organizations like the National Research Council of the Philippines, as Social Sciences Chair (2008-2010) and the Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA) as elected President (2003-2005).

Dr. Tigno is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Social Sciences and currently with the Department of Political Science, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippine Diliman.

DR. MAY T. LIM is recognized for her significant contributions in the fields of signal and information processing, complex systems, and data science as shown by her various publications in high impact international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Lim is likewise honored her contributions in science education and mentoring of young physicists. Her involvement in various organizations which promote scientific enterprise and public appreciation of science were also highly praised.

Dr. Lim is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Physics and is currently affiliated with the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman.

DR. MYLENE M. UY is honored for her exemplary achievements and invaluable contributions to research in the field of Natural Products Chemistry particularly on drug discovery and development from Philippine medicinal plants endemic in Mindanao.

Dr. Uy’s exemplary leadership in the implementation of the first Tuklas Lunas Development Center of DOST-PCHRD in the Mindanao is also highly praised along with her unwavering dedication and support in the development and promotion of natural products research in Region.

Dr. Uy is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is currently with the Department of Chemistry, Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology.

DR. CONSOLACION R. ALARAS is recognized for being a dedicated proponent of restoring the ancestral role of language, literature, arts, history, and spirituality as the heart and soul of national development, transformation, and unity. 

Dr. Alaras is also lauded for being a distinguished pioneering scholar in Philippine Cultural Studies, especially minority voices, millenarian discourse, and sacred politics and for being an exemplary crusader, both as civic leader and civil servant leading and serving figurative Katipunans of government and non-government agencies towards appreciating Philippine cultures and arts (as NCCA Director), preserving Pamitinan protected areas (Pamitinan Boards –DENR and NCCA), preventing corruption and promoting moral recovery (Anti-corruption Council, and UNCAC), and heading the movement for “citizenship by grace in education, governance, development, and diplomacy” (Rizal-Blumentritt Academy).

Dr. Alaras is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Humanities and is with the College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines Diliman.

MS. EDNA L. JUANILLO is honored for her research contributions to and productive activities on climatology, climate change, vulnerability assessments and applied meteorology and climatology, particularly seasonal climate forecasting.

Ms. Juanillo’s research activities and extension services to critical socio-economic sectors of the country promoted better public understanding of the science of meteorology which greatly improved the people’s appreciation of weather, climate, and hazard-preparedness and awareness.

Ms. Juanillo is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Earth and Space Sciences and is currently with the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, Department of Science and Technology.

DR. GERRY A. CAMER is lauded for his significant contributions in the field of veterinary public health and pathology. Dr. Camer’s researches in Rickettsia, Helicobacter, and Coxiella led to the formulation of recommendations in the prevention of diseases caused by these pathogens in the Philippines.

Much-appreciated also was Dr. Camer’s leadership and dedication to the veterinary profession that inspired veterinary students and peers along with several books and manuals he authored that are now being used as guides by future veterinarians.

Lastly, Dr. Camer was recognized for his exemplary commitment and devotion to quality research and education which led to other prestigious recognitions like the VPAP Most Outstanding Veterinarian in Research, the CHED Republica, and the PVMA Outstanding Veterinarian in Education.

Dr. Camer is a Regular Member of the NRCP Division of Veterinary Medicine and is associated with College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Eastern Philippines.

Awards of Distinction

Philippine Social Science Center

For her lifetime achievement work on gender and labor, in which she helped re-conceptualize gender equality and empowerment in countries all over Southeast Asia and the world for more relevant sustainable development to help alleviate poverty and gender inequality; her work that opened the eyes of governments and developed programs that aimed at eliminating discrimination against the girl child; for helping create a climate for innovative mainstreaming of gender sensitivity, not only in the Philippines, but internationally.

NRCP Award of Distinction for 2015

Professor Emeritus, College of Science
University of Santo Tomas

For being an outstanding scientist, innovator, and leader who made significant contributions in the field of analytical chemistry, through his pioneering innovative work in chemical sensors and biosensors; his active and dedicated involvement in both local and international academic and chemistry communities, with papers published in leading international journals; his distinguished contributions as reflected in patents and in low-cost instrumentation he developed for chemical education; and his zealous desire in mentoring the young minds to become scientists themselves.

NRCP Award of Distinction for 2015

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

For being an exceptional composer, scholar, professor, and researcher who has actively nurtured and supported Philippine and Asian arts as well as their native media and instruments, from the classrooms and conference halls to the national commission and its diverse sub-commissions which he had helped create and led; for being a deeply committed cultural administrator who has dynamically promoted the advancement and recognition of cultural traditions, artists and craftsmen, spearheading and institutionalizing the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan (National Living Treasures Awards), establishing the Schools of Living Traditions, and working for the proclamation of the Ifugao chants, hudhud, and the Maranao epic “Darangen” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humankind; and for being Internationally recognized nationalistic artist and cultural ambassador, who has propagated the Filipino soul, celebrated its identity, and its roots, in lectures here and abroad, in leading organizations and movements (Kayumanggi sa Ikasusulong ng Kultura/Brown Movement for Cultural Advancement, and Kasarinlan Philippine Music Ensemble).



In recognition of its contributions to the country as the leading institution for teacher education through institutionalization of an encouraging research environment for the faculty and students; impressive research outputs for the last five years which served as basis for policy making in the education sector and teacher education in particular; publications in international refereed journals; and pioneering efforts on research collaboration in the ASEAN region.



For its 36 years of exemplary performance as a premier R&D Institution for basic and applied researches on molecular biology and biotechnology, for developing cost-effective and environment-friendly technologies resulting in the production of goods and services that are comparable or better alternatives to conventional products for use in agriculture, forestry, environment, energy and industry; for upholding its mandate in meeting the country’s societal needs by integrating the various disciplines of science towards a vision of agro-industrial breakthroughs which were made possible by rigorous research and development. From 2010 – 2015, BIOTECH implemented 301 basic and applied researches in the areas of agriculture, forestry, food, feed, environment, industry, and natural products.

BIOTECH’s dedicated and brilliant researchers have developed 38 cost-effective and environment-friendly products that include biofertilizers, microbial-based enzymes, animal probiotics, animal vaccines, microbial pesticides, and DNA and immune-based foodborne and plant pathogen diagnostic kits. Many of these products are now adapted by local farmers, testing laboratories, and by public and private agencies as well as R&D institutions.




For its significant contributions in Philippine science and technology landscape through important accomplishments in its research of natural products, chemical sensors and biosensors, low cost instrumentation, pure and applied microbiology, molecular diagnostics, biodiversity and conservation, and novel energy storage materials; its outstanding researchers whose expertise and productivity are acknowledged in their area of specialization, also leaders in academic and scientific organizations; the instituion’s involvement and sustained engagement in high-impact research, manifested by the publications and citations of its researchers in national and international peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly journals; its conducive and effective research environment for the mentoring and nurturing of junior researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as high school students, as recognized by numerous national and international scientific organizations; and itsfruitful partnerships and linkages it has established with universities and research institutes from within and outside the country, promoting cooperation in the pursuit, generation, and the dissemination of knowledge.



In recognition of the agency’s contribution in strengthening disaster preparedness and awareness among our people through the upgrading of its weather forecasting capabilities; thus, fortifying the reliability of its scientific endeavors.


Professor Emeritus, University of Santo Tomas

For her inspiring leadership in the formulation of policies and setting directions for the growth and development of basic sciences in the field of chemical sciences; for her distinguished membership in the Council, and being an inspiration to budding scientists in the country.


College of Arts and Letters
University of the Philippines Diliman

For being a nationally renowned scholar whose distinguished research has established him as a stalwart of cultural studies and literary-political interrelations; whose socio-politically committed publications (notably, the seminal Heneral Luna) have incisively deconstructed historical and political developments and figures; for being an esteemed academic leader who initiated numerous laudable projects promoting Philippine studies and Philippine folk literatures, establishing the tri-college Philippine Studies Program of the University, and becoming its first dean, and founding the national organization of Philippine Folklorists, yet simultaneously upholding English and literary studies; and for being a dedicated university administrator and champion of education, widely respected for his accomplishments, his intellect, and his integrity.

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