This article entitled “Has Manila’s Rebalancing Towards Beijing Started to Bear Economic Fruit?” was published in Business World last February 14, 2018. Economists said that rebalancing relations with regional and world powers benefit the Philippines as it strengthens economic ties with China. BusinessWorld research has tracked trade, investment and tourism data since 2014 to check if the Philippines’ “pivot” has begun to yield economic benefits.

This article refers to the information on percentage shares in total revenue and from what industry sector the top 1000 corporations came from.

This article published in Business World (January 25, 2018) entitled, “How Well Do Countries Cope with Losses Due to Natural Disasters?” based on World Bank’s Unbreakable Report compares countries according to “socioeconomic resilience”, defined as a country’s ability to minimize impact of losses on well-being due to natural disaster. Resilience is expressed as a ratio of the yearly average of asset losses to well-being losses (equivalent to loss in consumption). This is premised on a country’s welfare impact extending beyond damage to properties and loss of lives.

This article published in Business World (January 23, 2018) entitled, “2018 Inclusive Development Index (IDI)” scores and ranking of selected economies. The IDI is an annual assessment of countries’ economic performance that measures how they perform on eleven (11) dimensions of economic progress in addition to GDP, namely: per capita GDP, labor productivity, health life expectancy, percent employment, net income, poverty rate, wealth, median income, net savings, carbon intensity, public debt, and dependency ratio. The IDI scores are then scaled from 1 – 7 with 1 as worst and 7 as best based on their performance on said indicators.

An update on Philippine Agriculture published in BusinessWorld (issued on January 26, 2018) says that the Philippines recorded a robust economic growth of 6.7% in 2017 even while it slowed down from 6.9% in 2016.  The agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing reported a turn around at 3.9% in 2017 from its 1.3% decline the previous year.  Detailed subsector performance including the value of production are shown in the infographic.