The Department of Science and Technology Region XI (DOST XI) turned over two units of specimen collection booths (SCBs) to the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao City on June 23, 2020. These SCBs will serve as protective barrier between the medical frontliner and the suspected COVID-19 patient. Positive Pressure is maintained inside the booth using a pressure sensor to prevent outside contamination from getting inside the booth.

Testing will be done by seating the patient outside the booth while the medical professional collects sample by swabbing the nose and throat using the arm-length nitrile gloves built into the front window of the booth. Samples will then be transmitted to accredited testing laboratories.

The collection booths are designed and fabricated by DOST Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST PCIEERD) and Startup Grant awardee, Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc.(FAME).

According to DOST-PCIEERD, the SCBs are compact, with good ventilation, easy to mobilize, and can remotely monitor the patient’s temperature.

DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña has earlier announced that the agency is giving the design for free to fabricators and engineers in a bid to help the government in its drive to beat COVID-19, noting that it should strictly adhere to the specifications recommended by the agency and with the approval of the Department of Health.

DOST XI is targeting to deliver the other SCBs - one to the Davao Chest Center in Davao City and two to the Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC) in Davao del Norte by next week.

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