Have you ever wondered how you can reach financial freedom in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

If you are out of a job or desiring to leave one and feeling cooped up at home, there is a flavorful, easy way out. 

Let the Department of Science and Technology-Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) teach you 55 simple and cheap ways to prepare meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Those with excess physical energy can learn more from 14 machine-based technologies. 

DOST-ITDI presents the "Kitang-Kita Na sa Series that offers would-be entrepreneurs some useful tools and skills on food processing. Below is #7 on Pineapple Processing. 

Pineapple Processing, earn the healthy way

DOST-ITDI, as a prime mover in developing technologies and solutions that support the growth of industries, also provides for every “Juan” and “Juana” a source of livelihood that is reasonably affordable. 

These technologies are simple, adaptable, and useful in any situation, be it normal times or trying times like during disasters and the current pandemic. 

One such technology with great potential is processed pineapple products, having shown their marketability for a long time. As such traditional canned and bottled pineapple products like tidbits, chunks, sliced, crushed, juice, jams/jellies, and in syrup had contributed to the growth of the industry.

DOST-ITDI has developed technologies in pineapple products processing that are available to interested entrepreneurs or start-up businesses. These include pineapple candy, marmalade, jam, juice, syrup, vinegar, fruit bar, mango leather, wine, nata de piña, and dehydrated pineapple. 

Today, DOST-ITDI has also developed innovative high value products like low sugar and sulfite-free dried pineapple and pineapple juice powder. 

For small-scale fruit processors, new products include vacuum fried pineapple chips, pineapple flakes, and freeze-dried pineapple that have great market potential. 

"Kitang-kita Na sa Series of DOST-ITDI" is available as online reading materials for those interested to earn while at home. It can be accessed at TlNiRFd2Y3M.  

Interested parties can request for online techno demonstration of technologies included in the series. For more information, write to Nelia Elisa C. Florendo, Chief Science Research Specialist, Technological Services Division, Industrial Technology Development Institute, DOST Complex, Bicutan, Taguig City 1631, Metro Manila or call telephone number (02) 8837-2071 Local 2265. (DDGotis\\ITDI S&T Media Service) 

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