Albay now has been operating its own Multi-purpose Dairy Plant Building located at Cabangan Camalig. The Albay Dairy Plant (ADP) was granted license to operate by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a manufacturer of milk products prioritizing food safety and customer satisfaction through the production of high-quality products.

The Department of Science and Technology Regional Office V (DOST-V) gave the Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) a financial assistance in the amount of 12 million pesos for the equipment, accessories and product testing of the plant. Infrastructure was PGA’s share.

According to Engr. Vida Prollamante, Provincial Administrator, Albay, the PGA has already built the building and has plans for additional production area for other dairy products’ production and the ice cream parlor.

The facility intends to optimize and maximize conversion of raw materials into high-value commercial products that would increase producers’ revenues and also advance the plight of its various stakeholders, such as dairy farmers, food-based local enterprises, consumers, innovators, Albay residents and tourists, researchers and students, among others. 

On the other hand, the ADP showcases industrial technology application, product innovation and an educational platform on the dairy industry that adheres to standards on food quality and safety, and uplift the nutrition situation of Albay province.

The Albay dairy project succeeded in helping members of the cooperatives, the farmers, local businesses, generally the people of Albay. A cooperative is buying the products that are sold at the Dairy Box set up by the Philippine Carabao Center. ADP is currently using the milk produced from the cows of the province, but in the near future, it will get its milk supplies from the farmers. 

ADP is also the toll milk manufacturer of the Department of Education (DEPED) for its feeding program and it has been producing milk for the province’s day care centers. 

As added benefit, the plant has created jobs for engineers, food technologists, and other production personnel.

The ADP has been improving its products, and has even ventured into ice cream production, which may open doors in putting up some ice cream parlors soon.

Albay Dairy is among the many technologies involved in food production. Recently, other food processing technologies were featured in the just concluded 2021 National Science and Technology Week celebration of the DOST. For more information and to watch webinars, forums, and technology demonstrations you might have missed about the 2021 NSTW virtual celebration, please visit and its official Facebook page or send your inquiries to the 2021 NSTW Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Geraldine Bulaon-Ducusin, DOST-STII)

(Photo credits: DOST-Region V) Albay Dairy Plant Facility 

(Photo credits: DOST-Region V) Dairy plant’s production area.

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