As a showcase of the 3D printing capability of the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMCen) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and to display its capability in creating complex and big structures using additive manufacturing technology, the first and largest 3D-printed monument of our national hero will be built. This is to commemorate Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s 125th year of martyrdom this coming 30 December 2021. 

The project will highlight and promote available high-end technology of AMCEN that will produce Rizal’s 12.5-ft 3D-printed statue as an icon of Rizal as a Filipino Scientist.

Made by Professor Manuel Sicat of the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts, the monument is made of Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA), with reinforced steel inside that can withstand winds of 330kph and a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The material used is also known for its high-quality mechanical properties that can resist strong impact and high temperature as well as ultraviolet (UV).

The initiative to create a 3D Rizal monument is also anchored on the desire of the Department of Science and Technology to pursue the development and innovation of additive manufacturing technology, production, processes, and materials in the country. 

The making of the tallest 3D printed Rizal monument in full swing. (Photo: DOST-STII Facebook page)

With the said project, the DOST along with its collaborating proponent, the Metals Industry Research and Development Center, seeks to encourage local enterprises to team up with them to explore and adopt additive manufacturing technology to improve production processes attuned to the demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

AMCen’s capacities such as 3D Scanning, Printing, Modeling, and Design Optimization, Virtual Warehousing, and Remanufacturing pitched to make a design more diverse and improved as it aims to be the premier hub for developing the next generation of manufacturing engineering poised to revolutionize production processes of different industries.

The unveiling of the monument will happen on 30 December 2021, following the celebration at the Rizal Monument, Rizal Park, Manila in a simple ceremony to honor the martyrdom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and his works and contributions in the field of science. This will be live-streamed via the DOST FB page. (Mark Lavien R. Inocencio, DOST-STII)

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