Theme: “Research and Development Making Change Happen” 

9 – 11 November 2020



Welcome Remarks_Usec Guevara

Keynote Message_Secretary de la Peña


A.      COVID-19 Initiatives Part 1

Gen-Amplify Coronavirus Kit_Dr. Destura

FASSSTER than COVID-19_Dr. Estuar

Covid-19 Solutions Using Our Transponder Technologies_Mr. Fetizanan

Manufacturing Repurposing Project – Local Production of Medical-Grade PPE Coveralls (DTI)_Exec. Dir. Agoncillo

GoClean Chamber: Full Body Disinfection in Seconds_DR. Uy

MATDEV 3D Printing Initiatives for Covid19_Dr. Basilia

Stopgap 3D-Printed PPEs @ AMReL_Prof. Dizon

Project RAMDAM, a relief monitoring and feedback tool_Mr. Bragais

Tracking made easy with TrAMS+ _Engr. Ramos

B.      COVID-19 Initiatives Part 2

GALING-PCAARRD: Kontra CoViD-19 Program_Dr. Ebora

VCO vs. COVID: A Functional Food Against a Many- Faceted Disease_Dr. Dayrit

SOLIDARITY Treatment Trial: Multicenter Randomized Trial of Additional Treatments for COVID-19 in Hospitalized Patients_Dr. Alejandria

C. Health Programs/ Technologies

Tuklas Lunas Program: Drug Discovery and Development from Philippine Biodiversity_Mr. Cruz

INDAK_Dr. Dominguez

Teenage Pregnancy in Eastern Visayas after Typhoons Yolanda and Ruby_Dr. Nelson

Going Viral: Using Digital Media Art for HIV-AIDS-Related Advocacies_Dr. Bantugan

D. Review/ amendment to the HNRDA

Basic Research_Dr. Sumagaysay

Health_Dr. Montoya

Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (AANR)_Dr. Ebora

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change (DRR & CC)_Usec Solidum

Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology_Dr. Paringit

E.  Platforms for ease of doing business

OROBEST (DTI)_Mr. Pizarro

eBusiness Permit and Licensing System (eBPLS)_Ms. Roberto

CorregiTour Mobile App: A New Experience in Corregidor Island using Augmented Reality (CHED)_Ar. Dolores

F. Government-support for disaster-management and response

Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS)_Engr. Badilla

GeoRisk Philippines Initiative and the HazardHunterPH_Ms. Cahulogan

The Recipe of a Smart City_Dr. Presbitero

Infrastructure Monitoring and Evaluation_Mr. Jimenez

G. Agriculture and Aquatic Industries Part 1

Winning the war on COCOLISAP Pest: The Nature's Way_Dr. Amalin

Clonal Forestry (DENR-ERDB)_Ms. Gutierrez

HI-Q VAM 1 for bamboo Plantation (DENR-ERDB)_Mr. Lomong-Oy

Juan Algae for Every Juan_Ms. Garibay

Our Trepang can be a Treasure: Producing Good-Quality Trepang from Philippine Sandfish_Dr. Yaptenco

CRADLE – ROSANNA: Banana Disease Surveillance System_Dr. Quimno

NICER – Flora and Fauna Assessment in Cebu Island Key Biodiversity Areas_Dr. Malaki

H. Agriculture and Aquatic Industries Part 2

The Taste of Success: Pinoy Gourmix (DA-BAR)_Ms. Aquino

Farming Superlicious Superworms (CHED)_Dr. Sabado

The Scientific Wonders of Philippine Mushrooms_Dr. Reyes

CRADLE: EggInnovation 4Healthier Filipinos_Ms. Virtucio

Itik Pinas_Dr. Santiago

Nipa Palm Sugar Processing Technology (DA-BAR)_Dr. Santos

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