In an article published in the July 10, 2018 issue of Business World entitled “PHL Improves in Digital Connectivity”, the Philippines is said to have upgraded from “Starter” to “Adopter” status after crossing the GCI threshold score of 35, according to a study by Huawei Technologies. The status of economies when it comes to digitalization were classified as either “Frontrunner” (Average GDP per capita of $54,100; GCI Score Range of 56-85), “Adopter” (Average GDP per capita of $16,300; GCI Score Range of 35-55) or “Starter” (Average GDP per capita of $3,700; GCI Score Range of 20-34). GCI stands for “Global Connectivity Index” which tracks economies’ progress in digital transformation using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The index is based on 40 indicators under the “pillars” of supply, demand, experience, and potential of five technology enablers, namely, broadband, data centers, cloud, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Philippines ranked 57th out of 79 economies overall and 4th out of 6 ASEAN countries. The country is cited for its expanded smartphone and computer use, higher-speed 4G coverage and “strong national planning” with its “cloud first” policy. It is noted that the government aimed to reduce ICT costs through the increased adaption of cloud technology.

The Global Top 10 economies in terms of digitalization are: 1st United States, 2nd Singapore, 3rd Sweden, 4th Switzerland, 5th United Kingdom, 6th Finland, 7th Denmark, 8th Netherlands, 9th Norway and 10th Japan. (Source: Huawei Technologies, Business World)

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