Source: Lloyd’s of London (City Risk Index 2018); BusinessWorld Research; BusinessWorld Graphics (as published in BW June 7, 2018 issue)

In an article published in the June 7, 2018 issue of Business World, Manila ranked 3rd among 279 countries and 2nd in Asia-Pacific in terms of “GDP@Risk” of the Lloyd’s City Risk Index. The GDP@Risk is a projection of how much a city’s economic output would be lost annually as a result of threats from natural and man-made disasters. This is equivalent to the amount that a city should save to deal with such risks. Manila risks losing $13.27 billion from disasters each year which is equivalent to 9.68% of its annual output. Top threats to the country’s capital are tropical windstorm, interstate conflict, earthquake, civil conflict, and volcano.

Among the 279 countries worldwide, the top city at risk is Tokyo with a GDP@Risk of $24.31 billion. Completing the top 10 are New York, Manila, Taipei, Istanbul, Osaka, Los Angeles, Shanghai, London, and Baghdad. (Source: Lloyd’s of London, City Risk Index 2018; BusinessWorld Research & Graphics, as published in BW June 7, 2018 issue)

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